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2016 Hispanic Radio Conference

March 22
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Opening Remarks
Eric Rhoads, Chairman/CEO, Radio Ink
Deborah Parenti, Publisher, Radio Ink


How the 2016 Elections Will Impact Hispanic Radio’s Bottom Line
Targeting Latino voters has never been more crucial than in this election. Skyrocketing trends in population growth and the continuing issue of immigration make it clear that targeting these voters is paramount to local, state, and national office-seekers. Hispanics will vote, and that influence will help shape and determine much of the policy and the country over the next four years. Radio’s historic connection to political activism makes it highly important in delivering candidate messages and getting out the vote. Also, younger Hispanics are avid listeners, which gives radio a strategic advantage in reaching that voting bloc. That’s why projections are for major spending on the medium. The challenge is making sure candidates unfamiliar with crafting for the nuances of Hispanic radio listeners know where to turn and how to maximize their outreach with radio. Our panel of experts will offer their insight on how to use your station’s marketing expertise to gain a bigger piece of the 2016 political pie.

Multicultural Millennial Marketing: Is Radio on Their Radar?
Fact: Millennials, those highly influential and trend-setting consumers, are just as likely to be multicultural. They have money to spend, if you reach them where they live. Hint: Millennials overindex on digital, social, and mobile media usage, and none so much as Hispanic millennials. For example, 42% of Hispanic millennials access the Internet solely through their mobile devices vs. 10% for the total population. How can your station stay on top — and ahead — of the curve with millennials? Give us 40 minutes and our panel will give you the strategy you may be overlooking in your marketing.
Radio’s Talent Pool: How Deep – How Shallow – Are the Waters?
Amid shrinking local budgets and fewer available on-air positions, how and where are Hispanic radio’s next superstars being developed? And how important is that to maintaining Hispanic radio’s edge against other formats that are appealing to its audience, as well as digital and nontraditional sources competing for share of ears? Meanwhile, syndicated programming continues to grow, opening additional marketing and revenue opportunities. This session will take a deep dive into programming issues that are impacting bottom lines today and investment strategies tomorrow.
Medallas de Cortez Awards Presentation
Presentation of the 7th annual awards, dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Who will this year's winners be? Who will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award?  Don't miss this always moving ceremony.

Cocktail Reception


March 23

Continental Breakfast

Hispanic's "Three R's": Radio, Revenue, and Results
In spite of all the competition, Hispanic radio continues to be one of the most powerful ways of to reach Latinos. What’s the "secret salsa" behind that? And what are the challenges to maintaining and growing radio dollars in a challenging marketing environment? We'll hear from all sides — client, agency, and a station that is getting it right — with tips and ideas you can take to back to your sellers tomorrow.


Update, Streaming and Copyright Issues & Other Legal Challenges
Significant developments in Washington will impact your pocketbook and your station’s financial success in the near and long-term future. The FCC is about to make it much easier for AMs to get on FM through easier access to FM translators, and it's about to get easier to attract investors from outside the U.S. through a major easing of foreign ownership and investment rules. There are also the legal ramifications of certain advertising categories, such as marijuana, e-cigarettes, fantasy sports, and gambling. Can you take those ad dollars, or are the legal risks too great? Will Washington pull back advertising deductions in the tax code? What about the cost of streaming on the Internet? Will the royalties you pay to a host of organizations go up or remain unchanged? Finally, there are ratings issues: Voltair has sent shock waves through the PPM world, so much so that Canada outlawed it. What will happen in the U.S? Unless you have a clear, unclouded crystal ball, you need to attend this session.

Measuring Up the Measurement: Dealing With Voltair, PPM and Programmatic
Over the past year, controversy has erupted surrounding the impact of a new device, Voltair, on ratings produced by Nielsen’s Portable People Meter technology. And that’s on top of the already myriad issues Hispanic broadcasters have raised for years over measurement methodology. And in buying circles, there’s a lot of buzz about the introduction of programmatic buying for radio. What’s the potential for this automated approach to a medium that revolves so heavily around community involvement and local promotions, especially among Hispanic broadcasters? Warning: This session may produce some very lively discussion and exchanges. But it will also open the door to lots of compelling conversation!
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Local Direct Strategies: 10 Ideas for Making Money Tomorrow
Our panel of sales gurus from Hispanic and non-Hispanic stations will present 10 easy-to-execute sales ideas that can translate into more revenue for your station tomorrow. You’ll hear lots of innovative ways to combine your digital and radio assets into creative client opportunities that can lead to bigger shares and stronger marketing ties. This is one session you can't afford to miss.


Smarter Digital Strategies
It’s no secret that Hispanic consumers index among the highest in terms of digital use in almost every category. For example, a recent survey showed that more than three quarters (77%) of Hispanics own a smartphone, compared to 70% of non-Hispanics, and 54% own a tablet, as opposed to 49% of non-Hispanics (Specific Media and SMG Multicultural’s Millward Brown). But how well are you harnessing the power of your station’s digital platforms to turn these avid consumers into profitable assets at your bottom line? Are you engaging them across all options and all devices, or are you offering fractured bits and pieces with no common glue? This panel will present top experts from outside the radio box who will enlighten, educate and connect the dots between what you are doing today — and where you should be going tomorrow, literally as soon as you get back to your station.

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Advertising Super Session
Group Head SUPER SESSION Roundtable
Hispanic radio's leadership sounds off with their vision and outlook for the future of the industry. What they say is always a revelation — and a window into what to expect tomorrow.

Closing Remarks


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