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Not Hispanic?

I know what you're thinking..... How could I possibly run a Spanish language radio station when I don't know what they are saying.

Hispanic Radio is one of the biggest opportunities for radio today. It's a growing medium while the rest of radio is seeing shrinking spending. Additionally the Hispanic population is growing across America and the growth statistics are staggering. Even in places you would not expect there to be a growing Hispanic population... the heartland of America is becoming a huge opportunity for Hispanic radio.

The first step in understanding something new is to emerce yourself in the culture. By attending the Radio Ink Hispanic Conference you'll learn about the industry, what is working, what is not. You'll come to the realization that this is radio and you can understand it. Soon you'll understand that you too can be comfortable operating a Hispanic radio station by hiring the right trusted employees.

Last year we had several companies attending to learn about Hispanic radio. We know of at least a couple which have launched stations and are already reaping the rewards in an uncluttered, under-competitive marketplace. If you're considering Hispanic radio as an option, this conference is a great start toward understanding the industry and its unique characteristics.



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