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2017 Hispanic Radio Conference

March 28
Exhibit setup

Registration (Exhibit Area)
Opening Video
Opening Remarks: Deborah Parenti, Publisher, Radio Ink
Hispanic Radio: What We Learned From the 2016 Election & Where We Go From Here
With the most contentious election in our nation’s history now in the rearview mirror, it’s time to analyze the impact not only on the political results overall, but on Hispanics. How significant — or not — was the role of Hispanic voters in the outcome? What lessons were learned, what red state turned purple, and what is the outlook for the next two to five years? And what do political strategists predict the implications will be for off year elections? How will the 2016 results affect Hispanic radio and its strategy to play a larger role in the process — and the revenue opportunities?
Multicultural Millennial Marketing: Is Radio on Their Radar?
It’s a fact. According to the Pew Research Center, one out of every four babies born in the United States is of Hispanic descent; one in every five schoolchildren is Latino. “Never before has a minority ethnic group made up so large a share of the youngest Americans,” the center reported. That means the future of brands, including radio brands, is in the hands of these young Hispanic consumers. Understanding how they use radio, digital, and social media is critical for anyone who wants to grow and expand market share in the 21st century. And this session will give you at least five crucial insights you absolutely need to do just that!
Behind the Radio Mic: Live and Local or Syndicated?
Syndication allows you to leverage the best talent in the country on your radio station, but it also limits localism. Local offers intimate connections with the community but often lacks the resources available to syndicated talent. What works, when, and why? Local or syndicated — that’s the question this panel of experts will examine under their talent-filled microscope.
Información Romper
Medallas de Cortez Awards Presentation
Presentation of the 8th annual awards, dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Who will this year’s winners be? Who will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award? Don’t miss this always moving ceremony.
Cocktail Reception
March 29
Continental Breakfast
Old School/New School: Bridging the Gap between Gen X Managers and Millennial Sellers
Millennials were introduced to radio far differently from their older counterparts. As “digital natives,” they are the first generation that has not had to adapt to new technologies and platforms — these things have always been part of their lives. So it stands to reason that millennial sellers can have uniquely different ideas about positioning, marketing, and selling radio. Attracting and motivating millennials on your sales team can also challenge conventional wisdom. Everything from workplace environment and hours to incentives and issues of trust are up for review as management and millennials come together for a lively session. This one will have you rethinking your organization’s structure and how you might improve both bottom-line results and job satisfaction for all.
Start Your Engines: Sales Strategies for Winning Big With Automotive
According to many automotive experts, Hispanic consumers could be the industry’s leading growth engine for the next 20 to 30 years. And automotive has traditionally been a huge Hispanic radio advertising category. But the market, much like the industry, is changing. And with the advent of digital and social media platforms, effectively engaging with Hispanic consumers has become a multi-layered, sometimes complicated process. Understanding how to market more effectively to Hispanics and help dealers develop resources to handle their needs is crucial to maintaining radio’s partnership with automotive. Get the lowdown from Hispanic agencies and car dealers who share their lessons, from ad copy to the showroom floor. It’s big and it’s complicated — but their insight can help your station take a bigger bite out of the auto ad pie.
10:20-11:00am Smarter Digital Strategies
Virtually every research study indicates that Hispanic consumers are the biggest group of smartphone and tablet owners and users in the country. Hispanics also spend more time online than non-Hispanics. That means one thing: Digital strategy is not an option — and it’s not a sidebar. Digital platforms and social media are imperative to every radio station’s marketing success. How does your strategy rate? You might be surprised — and you’ll probably want to kick it up a notch — after hearing from this panel of digital gurus.
Playing the Ratings Game to Win: Issues and Opportunities
At the end of the day, the ratings are a report card for programming — and rate justification for sellers, at least regarding transactional business. What are the consequences of how listening habits are captured for those who program and those who sell that programming? How does it alter their strategy and approach? And how do digital metrics and analytics play into the mix? This always lively session may produce some sparks, but it will also provide a rare chance to exchange ideas, information, and understanding with a panel of experts, including those who measure, those who analyze the metrics, and those who program and/or sell those numbers.
Información Romper
View From the Top: Hispanic Advertising Agency Forecast
Top Hispanic advertising agency executives offer their perspective on Hispanic radio and what it needs to do to grow and enhance its marketing partnerships with clients.
Advertising Super Session
Group Head SUPER SESSION Roundtable
Hispanic radio’s leadership sounds off with their vision and outlook for the future of the industry. What they say is always a revelation — and a window into what to expect tomorrow.
Closing Remarks

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