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2016 Hispanic Radio Conference

March 22

Exhibit Setup

Registration (Exhibit Area)
Opening Remarks
Deborah Parenti, Publisher, Radio Ink

Leveraging Spanish-Language Radio During The 2016 Election Cycle
Mainstream campaigns are generally faced with a Latino knowledge deficit, and Spanish-language radio is one of the tools candidates can leverage to close that gap. As the Latino electorate cements itself as a growing and decisive voice, reaching this important demographic is increasingly important and necessary for candidates across the party and ideological spectrum. However, there is a systemic gap between the need to activate Latino voters and the strategies deployed, and that has a defined effect on electoral outcomes. Prospero Latino CEO José Dante Parra will discuss how Spanish language radio will play into candidates’ advertising mixes and best practices on how to successfully reach Latino audiences.

Jose Dante Parra, Democratic strategist & CEO/Prospero Latino, former senior advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Latino Communications Advisor for President Obama’s 2012 reelection

How the 2016 Election Will Impact Hispanic Radio’s Bottom Line
No election has ever been more crucial to targeting Latino voters. Skyrocketing trends in population growth and the continuing issue of immigration make it clear that targeting these voters is paramount to local, state, and national office seekers. They will vote — they will influence the election — and that influence will help shape and determine much of the policy for this country over the next four years. Radio’s historic connection to political activism makes it highly important in delivering candidate messages and getting out the vote. Younger Hispanics are also avid listeners, which gives radio a strategic advantage in reaching that voting bloc. That’s why projections are for major spending on the medium. The challenge is to make sure candidates unfamiliar with crafting for the nuances of Hispanic radio listeners know where to turn and how to maximize their outreach with radio. Our panel of experts will offer their insights on how to use your station’s marketing expertise to gain a bigger piece of the 2016 political pie.

Moderator: Liz Blacker, EVP/Multicultural Strategy and Sales, iHeartMedia
Mary Ann Gomez, President/CEO, Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute
Legia Marañon-Garcia, President, Richard Marañon & Associates

Frank Montero, Co-managing Partner, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth 

Jose Valle, President/Political & Advocacy Group Sales, Univision Communications Inc.

Multicultural Millennial Marketing: Is Radio on Their Radar?
Fact: Millennials, those highly influential and trend-setting consumers, are just as likely to be multicultural. They have money to spend, if you reach them where they live. Hint: Millennials overindex on digital, social, and mobile media usage, and none as high as Hispanic millennials. For example, 42% of Hispanic millennials access the Internet solely through their mobile devices vs. 10% for the total population. How can your station stay on top — and ahead — of the curve with millennials? Give us 40 minutes, and our panel will give you the strategy you may be overlooking in your marketing.
Moderator: Renee Bakos, President/Founder, Bakos Media

Lauren Cortiñas, Managing Director, Pinta
Gus Garcia, Marketing Executive, Alpha Media West Palm Beach
Christopher Reardanz, A&R Director, We R 1 Music Group/Miami

Victor Soares, Copywriter/Editor, Sensis

Radio’s Talent Pool: How Deep — Or How Shallow — Are the Waters?
Amid shrinking local budgets and fewer available on-air positions, how and where are Hispanic radio’s next superstars being developed? And how important is that to maintaining Hispanic radio’s edge against other formats that are appealing to its audience, as well as digital and nontraditional sources competing for share of ears? Meanwhile, syndicated programming continues to grow, opening additional marketing and revenue opportunities. This session will take a deep dive into programming issues that are impacting bottom lines today and investment strategies tomorrow. 
Moderator: José A. Santos, President/Founder, Santos Latin Media
Harold Austin, Partner, Global Media
Johnny Caride, Program Supervisor, SBS Miami Market & PD, WXDJ-FM/Miami

Pedro Javier González, VP/Content/East Coast Region, Univision Communications

Información Romper
"Audio Advertising Solutions for Broadcasters"
Victor Kong, President, Cisneros Interactive, and board member,

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Jencarlos Canela, Singer, Songwriter, and Actor

Medallas de Cortez Awards Presentation
Presentation of the 7th annual awards, dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Who will this year’s winners be? Who will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award? Don’t miss this always-moving ceremony.
Cocktail Reception
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March 23
Continental Breakfast

National/Regional Sales Strategies: Working With Agencies for Revenue and Results
Despite the competition Hispanic radio continues to be one of the most powerful ways of reaching Latino consumers. Selling Hispanic radio’s story is vital to winning a larger share of advertising revenue; learn how to take the conversation away from CPP and sell beyond numbers, and learn how to counter objections and overcome assumptions. And get the latest update on programmatic buying. Where is technology taking us, and how will it impact telling Hispanic radio’s “beyond the numbers,” audience-engaged story?
Moderator: Angie Balderas, SVP/Sacramento, Entravision Communications
Philip Gabbard, Founder, inMEDIAto Media Consultants &
Sylvia Serna-Refojo, Media Supervisor, Tapestry
Danny Tankersley, Director of Sales/Radio, WideOrbit

Creating a Better RETAIL Strategy for Your Business
Finally, your client is ready to target the Latino market! How do you help them develop a winning game plan that unlocks the power of the Latino consumers? Where do you begin the process? This presentation shares how, by building a targeted approach with radio, your station can help clients attract the important Hispanic market. Jòse González will detail the three-step process that allows business to grow by leveraging a retail trading model that creates local marketing tactics to drive traffic through directionally based media. And guess what? Radio is at the heart of that business model!
José González, GM/Strategic Director, Pólvora Advertising

How to Make Believers Out of Clients: Setting the Record Straight
Clients and advertising agencies won’t buy if they don’t believe, and for them to believe, they’ve got to know what we know about the radio medium. They need to understand where and how it fits within the media and audio universe. Successful radio salespeople in 2016 must not only master sales skills, but marketing skills as well. Above all, those skills must be worth knowing: They allow sellers to segue from vendors to valued marketing partners. In this presentation, industry veteran and experienced radio sales expert Bob McCurdy will detail a variety of revenue-generating topics you can take back to your sellers — and to the bank.
Bob McCurdy, Founder, Uppingthevolume

Smarter Digital Strategies
It’s no secret that Hispanic consumers index among the highest in terms of digital use in almost every category. For example, a recent survey showed that more than three quarters (77%) of Hispanics own a smartphone compared to 70% of non-Hispanics, and 54% own a tablet, as opposed to 49% of non-Hispanics (Specific Media and SMG Multicultural’s Millward Brown). But how well are you harnessing the power of your station’s digital platforms to turn these avid consumers into profitable assets for your bottom line? Are you engaging them across all options and all devices, or offering fractured bits and pieces with no common glue? This panel will present top experts from outside the radio box who will enlighten, educate, and connect the dots between what you are doing today and where you should be going tomorrow — literally as soon as you get back to your station.
Moderator: Anne Kensington-Lott, VP/SE Region & Hispanic Platform, Gen Media Partners
Gabriel Barnes, Owner & Managing Director, RevKick
Kelsey Klevenberg, Director of Market Development, Zipwhip
Jorge Mercado, Consumer Connections Director, ALMA
Chase Rupe, Director/Special Projects , NextRadio


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Measuring Up the Measurement: Dealing with Voltair, PPM & Other Metric Matters
Over the past year, controversy has erupted surrounding the impact of a new device, Voltair, on ratings produced by Nielsen’s Portable People Meter technology. And that’s on top of the already myriad issues Hispanic broadcasters have raised for years over measurement methodology. What are the consequences of how listening habits are captured for those who program and those who sell that programming? How does it alter their strategy and approach? And how do digital metrics and analytics play into the mix? Warning: This session may produce some very lively discussion and exchanges, but it will also open the door to lots of compelling conversation!
Moderator: Nio Fernandez, Program Director, WYUU/Tampa
Marc Greenspan, Founding Partner, Research Director, Inc.
Richard Harker, Senior Partner, Harker/Bos Group

Carolina Santamarina, GM & VP/Sales, Spanish Broadcasting System/Miami
Rich Tunkel, VP/Director of Sales, Nielsen Audio

Información Romper
“Exploring Trends and Hispanic Voter Insights”
Rich Tunkel, VP/Director of Sales, and Monica Narvaez, Account Director

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Ajit Pai, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
Introduction by Frank Montero, Co-managing Partner, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth

Keynote Interview

Interview with Dan Mason, conducted by Jesus Salas
A Hispanic Radio Conference Exclusive: Afternoon Chat with Dan Mason, former CBS President and CEO
Jesus Salas, highly respected EVP/Programming of Spanish Broadcasting System, sits down with Dan Mason for a one-on-one that will cover a wide range of topics including how music has changed and barriers have broken down, the emotional connection between Hispanic listening communities and their favorite stations and personalities – and why that connection is so strong – and the frustration over Nielsen's inability to survey young Hispanic audiences. It’s an up close and intimate conversation with one of radio’s most influential giants that you won’t want to miss.
Dan Mason, former CBS Radio President/CEO
Jesus Salas, EVP/Programming, Spanish Broadcasting System

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Advertising Super Session

Join for an up-close and personal chat with an agency and client who are working closely with Hispanic radio every day. This is an invaluable opportunity to learn more about what agencies and advertisers want from radio, and especially from Hispanic radio. And it's also a chance to learn how radio can make the most of stations' integrated platforms to build more successful marketing partnerships — all to the advantage of both clients and listeners.
Moderator: Lee Davis, EVP Sales, Univision Radio
Janina Delloca-Pawlowski, Brand Manager, Multicultural Marketing, Dunkin’ Brands
Claire Zaldivar, Associate Media Director, Zubi Advertising

Group Heads SUPER SESSION Roundtable
Hispanic radio’s leadership sounds off with their vision and outlook for the future of the industry. What they say is always a revelation — and a window into what to expect tomorrow.
Moderator: Joe Zubi, COO, Zubi Advertising
Lee Davis, EVP Sales, Univision Radio
Jeffery Liberman, Chief Operating Officer, Entravision Communications
Albert Rodriguez, Chief Operating Officer, Spanish Broadcasting System
Norberto Sanchez, Chairman/CEO, Norsan Group

Closing Remarks

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