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The Campaigns You Can't Afford To Lose

The 2016 elections will generate record spending on Hispanic radio — that's something everyone agrees on. So, what's YOUR campaign line?

Latino voters have never been more crucial in winning an election. Population growth trends, immigration and citizenship issues, and the presence of Hispanic candidates make it clear that targeting this major voting bloc could be the key to victory. The candidates and their political strategists know this, and that’s why projections are calling for record spending on Hispanic radio. Will YOU be ready? Read more.

How To Make Believers Out Of Clients

Clients and advertising agencies won’t buy if they don’t believe, and for them to believe, they’ve got to know what we know about the radio medium. They need to understand where and how it fits within the media and audio universe. Successful radio salespeople in 2016 must not only master sales skills, but marketing skills as well. Above all, those skills must be worth knowing: They allow a seller to segue from vendor to valued partner. In this presentation at Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference, industry veteran and radio sales expert Bob McCurdy will detail a variety of revenue-generating topics you can take back to your sellers — and to the bank. Read more.

Creating a Better RETAIL Strategy for Your Business

Finally, your client is ready to target the Latino market! How do you help them develop a winning game plan that unlocks the power of Latino consumers? Where do you begin? Working with clients ranging from small businesses with a couple of locations to Fortune 500 companies, Jose Gónzalez, GM and strategic director at Pólvora Advertising, has helped brands including Ace Hardware, Century 21, Disney Baby, and many others to increase Latino cash-register rings. At the Hispanic Radio Conference, March 22-23 in Fort Lauderdale, he’ll offer some basic strategies that you can monetize with your clients who hope to reach that audience. Read more.

FCC's Ajit Pai To Speak At Hispanic Radio Conference

If the FCC is to help the broadcast industry survive and flourish, Commissioner Ajit Pai may be the man to make it happen. Hear his thoughts on the state of the FCC at the Hispanic Radio Conference!
Possibly the FCC’s greatest ally to the broadcast industry, Pai has been a leading advocate for the revitalization of the AM band, and called it a “big victory” when in October the long-awaited FCC AM revitalization order was released — including something Pai had particularly pushed for: an FM translator modification window for AMs this year and a translator auction window in 2017. Read more.

Multicultural Millennials: Is Radio On Their Radar?

Millennials — people born between the early '80s and the early 2000s — are a critical demographic target for all media, and that includes Hispanic radio. These young people are the most influential and trend-setting consumers in America, they have tremendous political clout, and they are multicultural: Millennials account for nearly half of this year's 27 million eligible Hispanic voters. According to Pew Research, "The large footprint of Latino millennial voters reflects the oversized importance of youth in the U.S.-born Latino population."

At Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference, being held March 22-23 in Fort Lauderdale, a special session led by Bakos Media President Renee Bakos will put a laser focus on how to reach and engage multicultural Millennials. As Bakos says, "Expecting to thrive, or even survive, in our business without Millennials is like expecting to have a healthy life without oxygen. Join me at the Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference and learn how to get inside the Millennial oxygen supply for our industry." Read more.

Learn How To Increase Your Political Revenue

With a projected $11.4 billion in advertising dollars in play for the 2016 elections, Hispanic broadcasters are poised to grab record political revenue! Will you be ready to claim your share? At the 2016 Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference, March 22 and 23 in Ft. Lauderdale, political strategist and consultant José Dante Parra shares how Spanish-language radio will play into the advertising mix of candidates and how to successfully leverage your Hispanic audience into increased political revenue. Read more.

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